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Transfer watchlist: Don’t ignore these 6 players for the final gameweek 38 (GW38) of the FPL 2023/2024 season

May 16, 2024
It’s the final gameweek, deciding mini-leagues and overall ranks. With key fixtures, player form, and team dynamics in play, decisions are complex. Managers must choose between safe picks or differentials to climb the ranks. The focus is solely on immediate results, adding to the high stakes of this decisive week.

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Transfer watchlist: 7 gameweek 37 players you shouldn’t overlook for your Fantasy Football Team this week

May 8, 2024
The penultimate week is here! Well done if you’ve stuck with it all this time - if you’re still keeping on top of your team at this stage you’ve probably got something on the line these last couple of weeks. And what a treat FPL has served us up this year - a double in the penultimate gameweek.

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Transfer watchlist: 6 gameweek 36 players you shouldn’t overlook for your Fantasy Football Team this week

May 2, 2024
As gameweek 36 approaches and Gameweek 35 draws to a close, Chelsea prepares to host Spurs in a pivotal clash. Managers targeted double gameweek players, setting the stage for a strategic showdown. Expectations run high for a goal-filled match, with defensive vulnerabilities on display. Anticipation builds for an intriguing contest with potential twists.

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Transfer watchlist: 5 gameweek 35 players you need to consider for your Fantasy Football Team

April 26, 2024
This week’s transfer watchlist tips are going to be discussed slightly differently than usual due to the array of decisions that each manager could be facing; the game just isn’t as simple in these final few weeks - we all have such different teams and chip strategies. I’m going to discuss by team the key players to target (or avoid!) and hopefully help with decisions of whether to keep or sell existing players in your team.

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7 Must have double gameweek players for fantasy football for GW 34

April 17, 2024
Gameweek 34 features seven teams with two fixtures. FPL managers use chips like bench boost, triple captain, free-hit, or wildcard, with bench boost being optimal for double fixtures.

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2 Strategic Wildcard Drafts for FPL Gameweek 33 – Maximising Chips and Minimizing Risks

April 10, 2024
Gameweek 33 presents vital choices for FPL managers with only 6 gameweeks remaining. Some teams may have double fixtures. GW34 is key, necessitating careful chip usage. Opting for a wildcard in GW33 allows maximisation of bench boost or triple captain for GW34 but carries risks for the rest of the season. Flexibility increases with remaining chips, but decisions are pivotal.

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